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Below are just a few of the countless testimonies and case studies of those whom we've had the privilege of working with on their journey to health! 

After 10 years
of surgeries and hospital visits, hope leads to healing

"Absolutely the best decision for my health
that I have ever made" 

- Dustin Morrow


Gut Health: Reversing the Root Cause!

Vegetarian Food

My entire gut burned for two years and food just represented pain. I was wondering if life was worth living because of the long period of pain. I'm now about half way through their program and 80% of my gut pain is gone. I feel like living now and most of the fire in my gut is gone.


- A.S.

I have seen 3 Gastroenterologists and none of them could help me. I know now that they did not run the right tests to see what was wrong with me. I lost from 215 pounds to 178, most of it muscle, over a 2 year period. My entire gut burned for two years and food just represented pain. I was wondering if life was worth living because of the long period of pain. My Primary Care doctor knew I was desperate. She recommended Functional Nutrition Resources which I had never heard of. I went to their seminar and reluctantly signed up. I'm now about half way through their program and 80% of my gut pain is gone. I am very impressed with the knowledge of these registered dietitians. What medical doctors could not help, has been substantially improved through diet and supplements. I'm hoping to get all the way back to normal but it took several years to mess up my gut so I do not expect a quick 100% fix. However, I feel like living now and most of the fire in my gut is gone. These women have experience and a plan for you just like they did for me. I'm very impressed.

Gut Health & Fatigue: Drastic Improvement!

Preparing Food

I spent a decade dealing with stomach, gut, and sleep issues. I’ve been in the program for about two months and the quality of my life has drastically improved. I no longer have the issues with my stomach and gut that I experienced before. I am sleeping so much better. I have more energy and I have even lost about 15 pounds.


- D.M.

Gut Health & Osteoporosis: Phenomenal Results!

I spent a decade dealing with stomach, gut, and sleep issues. It negatively affected every part of my life. I’ve been in the program for about two months and the quality of my life has drastically improved. I no longer have the issues with my stomach and gut that I experienced before. I am sleeping so much better. I have more energy and I have even lost about 15 pounds. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Functional Nutrition Resources is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I highly recommend!"

 Healthy Fruit Salad

In just 4 weeks I am already seeing amazing results. I do not feel so puffy and the aches and pains in my back have diminished. I don' t have the insane cravings I had. If this is how much I have improved in just one month, I can't even imagine what the next 5 months will bring!


- P.B.

I was feeling frustrated and at the end of my rope. I had tried conventional medicine and books trying to find an answer. I was hesitant at first because of the distance and cost. Once I began working with the team, I realized it is worth every penny of the cost and they have made it so easy to work with them even though I live about 2 hours away. My results have been phenomenal! In just 4 weeks I am already seeing amazing results. I have lost weight but that was not the main focus of the reason I started this program. I was not feeling good and had several medical reports that basically told me that if I didn't get a handle on my health it would be a slow decline of quality of life. Being someone that loves to be active I did not want to give up without a fight. I don't know what price or what you could put ahead of your health and quality of life. When you have your health you have everything.  As of today I have lost about 8 lbs since I started. More importantly I do not feel so puffy and the aches and pains in my back have diminished. I don't have the insane cravings I had. As a matter of fact I struggle to finish the food I had planned and often do not eat dinner because I am just not hungry. If this is how much I have improved in just month I can't even imagine what the next 5 months will bring. So excited to see how I feel by the end of the program.

Constant Pain & Fatigue: Gained a life worth living!

Feeling good is my normal now and if something is disrupted, now I realize how sick I was and I'm happy that on most days I feel healthy and normal. I feel like a healthy, young person now. It's a stark night and day difference!


- H.S.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

The results I have been getting are almost 50 pounds lost, less joint pain/stiffness, mental clarity and confidence in myself I never thought I would have. Thank you Functional Nutrition Resources for giving me the steps to make better choices and make my life worth living!


- H.H.

I was MISERABLE and in the biggest rut of my life. I was eating so poorly and feeling so lathargic I didn't want to do ANYTHING. 

I was hesitant at the idea of actually having to work on my eating habits and work on my mental state. Investing that much money on YOU is a big hurdle to jump too. I realized that I can make changes and work towards goals I never thought I could achieve. I can push myself harder than I ever thought imaginable. The results I have been getting are almost 50 pounds lost, less joint pain/stiffness, mental clarity and confidence in myself I never thought I would have. Feeling proud of where I am and how my life is going to change for the positive. I would say take the plunge and realize you ARE worth it. Invest in YOU. Today I am feeling great, eating well and making better choices everyday. Everyone on the team at FNR has been a shining light. Their positive outlooks made me see I was worth this fight. I've learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I worked VERY hard and will continue to make good choices to have a happy life and hopefully a baby some day. Thank you Functional Nutrition Resources for giving me the steps to make better choices and make my life worth living! Everyone in my life can see just how much I've changed/grown with this process. Invest in yourself and you will climb mountains!

GI Distress: Solved the root cause!


Feeling good is my normal now and if something is disrupted, now I realize how sick I was and I'm happy that on most days I feel healthy and normal. I feel like a healthy, young person now. It's a stark night and day difference!


- H.S.

I had really debilitating abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and really bad nausea. I had GI symptoms for a long enough period that I had adjusted to where I thought this was normal. Then I realized it was such a low quality for someone so young & trying to be a student. I wanted to do something different to change this. I had been to doctors & nurses and had seen health services at school. I tried different methods (pulling dairy, etc) & since nothing worked so far, questioned if this would work. After the first week of cutting out gluten/dairy & limiting higher fiber/higher starch foods, my skin broke out & didn’t feel much better, but then when saw results of labs & saw it was real inflammation and was not in my head and saw foods to eliminate, I felt like it would be an approach to take & had hope going forward. Now I'm able to do a lot more & have a lot more energy. Feeling good is my normal now and if something is disrupted, now I realize how sick I was and I'm happy that on most days I feel healthy and normal. I'm optimistic about going back to school since feeling well. I don't feel like my body is pushing back against me, but functioning well. I feel like a healthy, young person now.  Its a stark night and day difference! The process of working with Functional Nutrition Resources & having the education to go with it and evidence for what’s going on in your body & knowing your physiology is so helpful to look through and guide. It’s not a general protocol to solve a problem, but it’s based on your own body. If you're on the fence about something that would work, its still best to know what your sources of inflammation are and learn what your body is going through. For me, knowing what was wrong and have that demystified was so helpful. I came from having an ultrasound that was “normal” to learning my own “hormones, gut, and blood labs” was so helpful and kept this from being a shot in the dark. For me, using Functional Nutrition Resources wasn’t just about getting healthy, but it was so helpful to learn symptoms to watch if my body isn’t tolerating something and education on how to read labels was helpful as well. I’m better equipped to see these cues in my body and what to do about them. I’m able to look to food to improve health vs just a quick fix. I'm also learning the role of exercise and how to manipulate cortisol levels for my benefit improve my quality of life as well.

I always considered myself a healthy person - always exercised and generally made healthy food choices.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2017 and realized I needed to take a closer look at my health and how different foods could be impacting it.  Also, even besides the cancer, given my generally healthy lifestyle, I seemed to be tired and not feel as good as I should.  I was referred to Jennette by a woman at my gym who was just starting treatment for breast cancer.  She started telling me how good she felt and how much easier chemo treatments were for her since she started working with Jennette.  Before working with Jennette, I didn't sleep very soundly, had frequent headaches and heartburn.  These symptoms were greatly reduced for me once I rid my diet of certain chemical laden foods (diet soda was a big one for me).  I am also now  an avid label reader and have started looking to food as medicine and in an entirely different way.  There is so much information that Jennette gave me that has made a world of difference for me, such as new foods to incorporate  into my diet, alternatives to unhealthy foods and tips for eating while travelling.  Overall, working with Jennette has been such a valuable learning experience that will forever change the way I think about food. -S.M.

Ulcerative Colitis: Healing journey bringing hope!










You’re going along with life as you always have but something’s different. A condition develops and you don’t want to acknowledge it to yourself, much less talk about it with anyone. (In my case it was: 1) blood in the toilet 2) getting a colonoscopy 3) being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis). You’re a private person and you don’t particularly care to discuss gastroenterology issues with anyone. Not only that, but there’s so much conflicting information about nutrition and diet that it’s impossible to navigate the gauntlet of information in a futile attempt to separate the grain from the chaff (figuratively and maybe even literally). Who can you trust to give you sound knowledge and who can you feel comfortable enough with to talk about what’s really going on so that the suffering can get stabilized, relieved, and maybe even resolved for good? If this is you then you’re like me, except for 1 key difference. I’ve worked with Jennette and you haven’t. I read other testimonials and thought “if all of that is true, then it’s worth it to give it a shot.” I’m glad to add my voice to the choir. I truly felt hopeless and depleted, on top of living through UC flair ups. I’m also skeptical and stubborn. To top it off, I’ve experienced significant personal loss during this time, and the resulting grief and depression that accompanies such things. To say that I was a bad place is an understatement. Jennette really carried me through the early stages to get me to where I was actually seeing results. All the stuff you’ve read from other people is my experience as well. Yes, you’ll get tons of resources so be careful what you ask for.  She’s truly committed to her practice. She is a healer through and through. She’s a confidant and an ally. An empathizer and a gentle encourager. You know one thing that truly defined my experience is that I never felt pushed or forced. My advice is the sooner you trust her and relax and let her help you the sooner you will feel progress. It truly is a process of trial and error, but in Jennette you’ll at least have someone who is as committed to your improvement as you are (and in my case, even more than I was). I am profoundly grateful to Jennette and her team and could not more strongly recommend. Your investment of trust and personal resources will be well-placed in her. - A.S.

Cravings & Gut Health: No longer crave foods that were hurting me!




















Before working with Functional Nutrition Resources I had started down the road to repair my gut and resolve some health issues but seemed to be stuck and was not getting any better. I knew there was probably something else going on but didn't have a clue about what it might be. It has been worth every dime I have paid to find out what was going on in my body and start working on the solutions I need to make my situation better. I am feeling better every week. My energy level is improving (I had none before), I am sleeping better, my symptoms are much better, I feel younger, more optimistic about life, and more alive. If you do the work required (and there is some work involved) and follow their guidance, you will feel better. They know their stuff!!! After only being on the program a little over a month, I feel so much better than I have felt in 1-1/2 years. I don't crave sweets or the foods that were actually hurting me, and my life is so much better! It is a great comfort to know that I am beginning to resolve the issues that were plaguing me before. Money spent to improve and then maintain your health is the best investment you can make in yourself. I am so grateful my doctor referred me to Functional Nutrition Resources--I even told him so! -R.H.

Chronic Fatigue and GI Distress: I have my life back!

I first sought care with nutrition resources and Jennette Berry due to a chronic history of fatigue, abdominal bloating/ discomfort, multiple food allergens and constipation. I had sought treatment from other providers without results and had almost given up hope.  The minute I had my first consult I knew this was the right place, a thorough history and review of my lab work was performed. Immediately we did several tests, including food sensitivity testing. I found that these tests were more affordable at Nutrition Resources than any other provider. After implementing the changes advised and adding in butyrate a supplement that was life changing my symptoms have vastly improved. I no longer have any abdominal discomfort, my energy has improved to where I no longer require caffeine, my constipation has resolved and my food allergens have improved. I feel like I am able to have my life back. I cannot say enough about this practice, only that I am blessed to be a patient under their care. - J.J.

Arthritis: Free from pain meds!

So I met with the rheumatologist this morning.  Really not a lot to tell but I let him know that I am no longer in any level of pain.  I told him what I was doing nutrition wise and that I was working with you.  Explained what we are doing and what MRT & LEAP is.  He did a quick physical exam of my joints & muscles…of course found no abnormalities, no tenderness, no pain, and no stiffness.  No issues at all.  He said it appeared what we were doing was working and making the pain manageable.  He then asked if I was still taking the gabapentin because it seems to be helping…I told him NOPE.  Then he said well it must be the meloxicam keeping pain at bay…again I told him NOPE.  I was off all but my Zoloft and my next goal is to get off that.  He looked a bit puzzled and commented that it appears I don’t need him anymore.  I began my typical diatribe of just how important nutrition is and how it has totally changed my life.  I mentioned that when he gave me the diagnosis it felt like a lifelong sentence of pain and pain meds.  Then I shook that off and decided to take the alternative route.  He told me to stay on my anti-inflammatory diet and told me to call if I ever need him.  So here I am on my sixth week of LEAP and I am feeling great!  I look forward to the next six weeks and the next after that.  Proper nutrition has changed my life for the better!  There is no going back and I am telling EVERYONE I know and meet.  I am thrilled that I ignored my GP and made that first call.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks for helping me get my life back and coaching me along the way!  -G.G. ​

Digestion: LEAP has changed my life!

I want to share with everyone how thankful I am for the LEAP/MRT diet; it has changed my health and life.  For months I had so many problems with my digestion, to the point that I was losing so much weight. I was so discouraged because I was feeling that my life was over. I am a very active person, but the issues with my stomach were so bad I could not do anything without being far from the restroom. I felt so sad. It was so much my desire to take the journey for me to get back to being the normal, active person I was.  My husband told me "I found someone who can help." My reply was "I will do anything to not be in so much pain." The day came for me to visit with Heather at Nutrition Resources. That day I said "I want my life back. I feel so sick. I need some help." Her reply was "Let's start the LEAP/MRT test." To my surprise I had been eating all of the foods that I was having reactions too. I talked to my husband and said "Wow! Now I understand what is happening. I want to change the way I am eating." So I did change and I have been doing the LEAP diet. It has changed my life. This has been a gift and I want to say thank you. I feel much better, and little by little, I am getting my life back. Now I can tell when I eat something outside of my LEAP diet by my symptoms. This is amazing because I can tell when I have made the wrong choice.  I am so thankful for the gift to have found someone who understands and can guide you, teach you how to become strong, and get your life back. The LEAP diet changed the way I choose and eat food.  Thank you! - P.B.

Food & Chemical Allergies: Rebuilt immune system!

I did an initial consultation for assistance with weight loss due to substantial immune system issues/ bone issues and Anaphylactic Shock -Determined many food/medicine allergies that were the leading contributors in the prevention of being healthy overall.   After testing for allergies, we radically altered food intake and both prescription and OTC vitamins.  Several months in, I have lost weight. More importantly, I have been less ill this past calendar year than I have been in almost 30 years.  Removing all the meds and vitamins and foods I was actually allergic to, has allowed my immune system to settle down and be much, much less inflamed.  So, the number of my illnesses has declined and they have been much, much shorter lived.  I have more energy and feel like I am balancing the correct types and dosage of vitamins.  I like to say that Jennette is the person who has taken all the pieces of my puzzle and finally figured out how to put them together to get me well. - C.C.

PCOS and Insulin resistance: Lost 120lbs and feeling fantastic!

​I started seeing Jennette in early 2012 after I had reached my wit's end with PCOS and insulin resistance. My insulin levels were through the roof, I had a hard time staying on track eating the right foods, and I was exhausted all the time--both physically and mentally. I felt like every morning I jumped on a hamster wheel where I thought, "Today is the day I will do better." Except every day I would struggle and my weight just continued to go up. At my highest I was 291 pounds. Finding Jennette has been the catalyst to change I needed. She is caring, patient, and does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to her clients. She listens to my struggles and offers reasonable solutions. She also pays attention to the types of food I like, and gives healthy ideas that suit my taste, rather than just forcing me to change my taste buds! In addition to Jennette's strong interpersonal skills, her technical knowledge has been invaluable. She analyses my blood work and provides feedback that I wouldn't have a clue to interpret on my own. I have lost 120 pounds and I feel absolutely fantastic. I still have my bad days, but I have Jennette's voice in the back of my head reminding me that every meal is an opportunity to do better. Its work, but it's worth it. Thank you, Jennette - C.M.

PCOS and Infertility: Conceived without medical intervention!

I started seeing Jennette nearly two years ago at the recommendation of my Doctor to see a dietitian. Having been diagnosed with PCOS, Jennette helped me take control of my eating while not being put on a diet. With the nutrition guidance came weight loss and the weight loss helped with my labs. Having feared that we may need medical intervention to get pregnant, I couldn't have been more pleased when we were able to get pregnant naturally. When I started seeing Jennette I thought I knew what a well-balanced diet and healthy eating was. She broadened my knowledge and coached me through many days of struggles. Jennette consistently had new information for me related to PCOS and I always left feeling a little more encouraged. I highly recommend Jennette and Nutrition Resources to my friends based on my personal experience and the kindness she has shown to me as her patient. -K.T.

Celiac Disease: Gained control of physical, mental and emotional health!

The help we obtained by being able to consult with a registered dietitian knowledgeable about Celiac disease and gluten free living empowered us to have a sense of control over our health and our lives.  We are able to make informed decisions that impact not only our physical well-being, but our mental and emotional well-being. Thank you, Nutrition Resources, and in particular, Heather, for your help!   -T.L.

Diabetes: Winning the battle!

I have really learned a wealth of information from my nutrition counseling and gained more knowledge of my diabetes. I now know of several good websites for recipes. I thought I had heard it all since my husband has been a Type 1 Diabetic for over 25 years but there is so much more than I realized. Now thanks to Jennette and Heather, I am learning new ways to better arm myself to fight against the statistics of diabetes side effects and win this battle one step at a time. It has helped so much to be able to go back each month and find out what I can do better and how I can change what I am doing wrong. To be able to talk to people who really care about you and your health and have so much knowledge is worth more than I could ever say. Thank you Jennette and Heather!! Keep up the good work and don't give up on us! - T.S.

Anorexia, Depression & Anxiety: Empowered to overcome - naturally!

When I started seeing Jennette for nutritional therapy, I was 10 years into an intense battle with anorexia, depression, and anxiety. After so many years of struggling and multiple rounds of inpatient treatment for my eating disorder, I felt like a failure. I gave up hope of ever attaining recovery, quit my greatest passion of horseback riding, and abandoned my career (which I earned a Master’s degree for) out of fear and low self-worth. Based on my past experiences with dietitians, I assumed that Jennette would set a weight goal that she felt was appropriate and that I would rebel against. Obsessing over numbers was a big part of my eating disorder, but with Jennette, I experienced a huge paradigm shift. Since I began working with her, my objective hasn’t been a number: not a number of exchanges, not a calorie range, not even a weight or weight range. She certainly monitored my weight and was attentive to my body’s needs, but the purpose in eating is to support my body and mind nutritionally so that I can function at an optimal level.  Jennette’s perspective on nutrition as a means to accomplish my goals made sense and was an idea that I initially couldn’t argue with and later even got excited about. She also had a remarkable ability to honor my food preferences without ever compromising with my eating disorder.  In addition to an obsession with numbers, my eating disorder manifested in an intense phobia of preparing food or cooking. I hated my kitchen and felt overwhelmed, stressed, and inadequate in this area. However, as a newlywed with a desire to contribute to my marriage by cooking, my avoidance was no longer working for me. Jennette helped me start with simple food planning and preparation and gradually progress to basic recipes and then more complex meals. She met me where I was and guided me toward my goals. I am joyful and proud to report that this Christmas, I worked alongside my Mom as an equal in the kitchen as we prepared a traditional turkey dinner. To my great surprise it was a fun, as well as relationally enriching, experience.  Jennette is always up to date on research in her field, and her knowledge informed our sessions. She empowered me to take steps with nutrition that nourish my body and actually decrease my naturally high levels of anxiety. Very early on in our work together, she identified that I experience hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels. She taught me to manage this additional challenge by eating every 2 to 3 hours and incorporating protein into my snacks, which sustains adequate blood sugar levels for longer periods of time than other macronutrients. Jennette was insistent and intentional about these changes because she recognized that I am far more likely to cope well with stressors and anxieties if my blood sugar levels are stable.  Leaving sessions armed with articles, handouts, grocery lists, recipes, or various online resources was another huge benefit of Jennette’s vast expertise. I am extremely stubborn and I’ve always been more willing to follow recommendations when I know that there is a sound rationale behind them. In Jennette, I found a professional who I trust and who used her knowledge to help me progress. She is also exceptionally kind and encouraging. My journey to recovery with Jennette has not been a linear path of progress, but if she was ever frustrated with me, she never showed it. Instead, she always reminded me that I’m “worth it” and she is so genuine that even on my lowest days, I believed her.  It has been about two years since I started working with Jennette and over this time, I attained a level of recovery that is far beyond what I thought was possible for me. She is always respectful of my needs (be they emotional, nutritional, or spiritual) and with her help I’ve learned to respect myself again. I currently work a full-time job in the career I originally pursued and love. Also, through my nutritional progress, I am strong, capable, and riding horses again. At my most recent session, Jennette let me know that I no longer need to make regular appointments to see her. That was a momentous afternoon in my recovery journey and it is an accomplishment I cherish. That said, should life throw a curveball or should my resolve waiver even a little, I know that Jennette will be there to equip me with whatever I need to continue on this positive trajectory. I am incredibly thankful for her and her role in helping me overcome the greatest challenge of my life. -A.B.

Fatigue, IBS, Acid Reflux: Increase in energy and weight loss! 

I had been dealing with an overall lack of energy, abdominal pain and difficulty in losing weight.  I had been diagnosed with IBS and symptoms of acid reflux.  I sought out Nutrition Resources because I knew my eating habits weren’t consistent and I was seeking the right kind of guidance and accountability.  My counselor has been great in asking the right questions, suggesting helpful supplements and assisting with the right food choices.  Their eating plan has helped me to steadily lose a good amount of weight.  The medicine I was taking for my digestive issues have either been eliminated or reduced greatly.  I have so much more energy.  People around me have been giving me compliments regarding my weight loss and say I look “very lean” and have a “glow” about me.  I’m excited to see more results as my body continues to heal.  I’m so grateful for my nutritionist and Nutrition Resources and highly recommend their services.  -M.C.

Fatigue, Food Sensitivities, Dizziness: 180 degree difference!

Desiring to get back to whole health and being the best me I could be I began to ask around for who could help me get there - and meeting Nutrition Resources Dietitian Jennette Berry was exactly the solution I needed! Starting in March of 2016, I was dealing with lack of energy, feeling like I could not get enough sleep (even if I slept over 12 hours), fatigue, high food sensitivities, dizziness, fainting, shakiness, shortness of breath at times, not able to exercise without feeling one or all of these symptoms, and overall truly not feeling like myself. At first, I just thought I was working too hard causing myself to get sick; all the while, with my sister being diagnosed with diabetes while she was previously in college, I was concerned that I may have diabetes. With that in mind, I knew it was time to consult a professional though I did not want to be placed on a lot of medications or as Nutrition Resources says take the band-aid approach. Through many referrals and consultations, the moment I read Nutrition Resources’ website of how they personally meet with clients to pursue a whole person approach, I knew that this was the perfect fit - so I made my appointment immediately and took the new patient intake online and next thing you know I am on my journey to the best me! Meeting Jennette for the first time was so great and personal - she was very knowledgeable and understanding of what I was dealing with and right away we made steps toward the better me! Some of these steps included personalized shopping list to promote the most energy and foods that built up my immune system, taking a few blood tests that confirmed our suspicions of Epstein Barr virus as well as specific vitamin deficiencies but showing no sign of diabetes, and making sure that I ate every 2-3 hours. Through these steps and more, meetings every month, choosing the best foods for my body’s health, a few vitamins everyday, and the great support from Jennette I am now at a complete 180 degree difference. I am full of energy, sleeping well (but not all day), understand my food sensitivities, have not dealt with fatigue or dizziness or fainting or shakiness or shortness of breath, am working back to the intense exercising I used to be able to do, and truly feel like myself again! Being able to do this all while working full-time, going to college, being away from home, and truly inexpensive has been a blessed miracle. So grateful for this journey that we have embarked on together, and would not have wanted to get where I am today any other way! - R.G.

Chronic Fatigue & Gut Health: More energy for grandchildren!

I had severe fatigue and it negatively impacted my life almost daily. I also had loose bowel movements several times a day. I wasn't hesitant to work with Functional Nutrition Resources even though my diet changed dramatically especially at first. The detox stage was difficult but necessary for healing my gut. I had a "normal" bowel movement for the first time in years. My fatigue is also improving greatly. I'm "getting my life back!" I've been getting very positive results and I have more energy to do things around the house and play with my grandchildren. I have learned that what we eat affects how you feel more than I ever imagined before. I had been eating things, that were not best for my body, on a regular daily basis. I'm not surprised that I felt awful! I'm much better today! My body is functioning better and this results in my life improving! -A.P.​

Gut Health: Compassionaccountability made the difference!

I was feeling confused and frustrated that I was trying to eat healthy but wasn't seeing changes in my health. The value offered in the cost of labs and time with me as a patient made it worthwhile. I also realized how important it is for me to have someone with the knowledge walking me through the process and helping to keep me accountable on the path forward. I am able to get a better read on what is helping vs hurting my body in terms of food. At least try a phone call with Jennette or one of the team. After chatting with Jennette for an hour it was clear that she not only knew her stuff but is also very compassionate in the way she offers her service and advice. I'm definitely on a healing path. I can see that the hard work put in with Function Nutrition Resources has equipped me to better take care of myself and take the next steps in my health journey. Jennette is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is honest, compassionate, very informed and encouraging. She offered me a clear guide to improve my gut and checked in with me every step of the way, months later I am reaping the benefits of working with this team. Thank you! -S.T.


Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain & Fatigue: Well worth the investment! 

At age 62 I thought the muscle and joint pain in my knees was normal. Bilateral elbow pain was constant. Getting a good restful nights sleep, sleeping all night was so infrequent that I was constantly fatigued. Muscle pain at night was constant. I doubted that a diet change could really change things. I did know that sugar was bad for me but I was addicted!! No more M&M's for me! And, honestly the $$ was something that I had to decide to spend so I could be healthier and play with my grandchildren and watch them grow up. I realized how dependent I was on a quick meal from my favorites restaurants. I don't drink coffee or tea but did enjoy a Pepsi, with real sugar, several times a week. Now, I know how much better I feel without the sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine... After 2 weeks the pain in my left elbow was reduced by 90%. About 3 weeks in, I realized that I had been sleeping through the night greatly reducing day time fatigue. Also, I had been avoiding stairs because of the knee pain but after 3 weeks I had to walk one flight of stairs several times a day for 2 weeks, one day I realized that I was walking down the stairs normally, not one at a time, rest, continue...I was walking down without stopping. You have nothing to lose but pain, fatigue, and inches. Well worth the investment for a life long way of eating so you can plan on years of spoiling the grandchildren. Getting better every day. Pain in my right elbow continues but I am right hand dominant so it will take longer to heal. Now, sleeping though the night is no longer a rare occurance. That is worth everything to me. I did not test allergic (red) to any foods but tested yellow (sensitive) for some of my favorites. Who knew!! Without the blood test I would never have known that these foods were contributing to my aches and pains. -P.C.


Fatigue & Depression: Solutions for the root of the problem! 

​I was terribly fatigued, listless, and depressed. I had difficulty sleeping and was also in a lot of pain though out my body and had gained so much weight that it is difficult to be active. I was not hesitant to work with Functional Nutrition Resources. I already had a great deal of information about gut health and the necessity of eating right so this was a logical step. The staff is quite knowledgeable and are very willing to help with food selection where to buy various products. They are sympathetic listeners and do not nag or criticize. Instead they look for the root of the problem and offer solutions. I have been getting more energy, less fatigue and depression, better sleep, and some weight loss. It's been a pleasure to work with Functional Nutrition Resources. -B.D.

Anxiety & Depression & Gut Health: Personalized, natural treatment!

I was frequently depressed and anxious to the point of sickness. I wasn't hesitant to work with Functional Nutrition Resources. If anything I was excited about the new approach to my health problems. I realized I have been mistreating my body for two decades while considering myself a healthy person. The results I've been getting are extremely positive! My emotions have been more stable and my GI tract has been in little to no pain.  If traditional treatment, as your doctor would prescribe, doesn't tickle your fancy, I would highly recommend Functional Nutrition Resources. They offer a highly personalized and extremely natural treatment that might suit you better. -K.L.

Severe Nausea: Saw improvements right away!

My daughter was having severe nausea daily. Honestly, it wasn't until after several months of her pediatrician running tests and not figuring anything out, that I started thinking about nutrition being an issue. We saw improvements right away. I wish we would have started here.  

She's no longer sick when she wakes up. She feels a lot better in general. She's feeling so much better, and we both have healthier eating habits. We are extremely happy with the results we've seen. Jennette was great to work with. -S.L.

Digestive Issues: I didn't know I could feel so good!

I was living my life uncomfortable and largely miserable. The cost was well worth it and the benefits invaluable. I'm feeling much better overall. My digestive issues are much improved. If you're considering it then you must have an issue that led you to them. Go. You will feel better. And what I learned is invaluable. Some of the best time and money I've ever spent. Today I'm feeling great! I didn't know I could feel so good. This is your opportunity to feel good and invest in your future health. I can't express enough how important this has been to me.



Avocado Salad

Breast Cancer: Food is medicine!

Before working with Jennette, I didn't sleep very soundly, had frequent headaches and heartburn.  These symptoms were greatly reduced for me once I rid my diet of certain chemical laden foods (diet soda was a big one for me).  I am also now  an avid label reader and have started looking to food as medicine and in an entirely different way.


- S.M.


Jennette really carried me through the early stages to get me to where I was actually seeing results. She’s truly committed to her practice. She is a healer through and through. She’s a confidant and an ally. An empathizer and a gentle encourager. 


- A.S.

Vegetable Garden

Money spent to improve and then maintain your health is the best investment you can make in yourself. I am so grateful my doctor referred me to Functional Nutrition Resources-I even told him so!

- R.H.