Meet Our Team

Ciarra, Amy, Jennette, Heather & Mika

Our Unique Approach

With more minds available to look over someone’s case, we are able to accomplish so much more with an integrated approach that benefits our clients' long- term wellness. Each of our different strengths combine to provide a very balanced, holistic care plan that is unique in our field of practice. 

Jennette Berry, RD

Jennette is our lead functional medicine practitioner and co-owner of our practice. Along with her husband Amos, she founded Functional Nutrition Resources in 2011. Because of Jennette's unique approach to wellness, our practice has become known as the answer to the "why" among those suffering with chronic conditions relating to gut health, hormones and autoimmune diseases. 

Jennette's passion to begin her own practice arose after spending her early career in a hospital setting and being confronted with the broken system of health care that we today know as "sick care." Jennette and her team strive to combat the "band aid" approach with the use of functional medicine and nutrition as an evidenced-based protocol that views the body as an interconnected whole. This personalized approach enables our team to empower our clients through education and by taking an active role in their own health.

Heather Alexander, RD

​Heather earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science with an Option in Dietetics and an emphasis in Nutrition and Exercise from Oklahoma State University. Heather received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship at University of Central Oklahoma. Heather loves spending time with her husband Justin and their son Josiah, going to the zoo or being outside together. She enjoys staying active with yoga. Heather enjoys being able to learn new protocols for helping others heal by doing continuing education with Institute for Functional Medicine and reading research articles. Heather understands the power of functional medicine as it has helped her heal digestive issues, restore adrenal health, replete nutrient deficiencies, and prevent autoimmune diseases. She would not have been able to have a baby without using functional medicine to first regain her health. Heather enjoys the challenge of putting together the puzzle pieces of her clients’ health history and finding solutions to achieve optimal health and prevent lifelong issues so they can do pursue what they are passionate about in life. 

Amy Henderson, RD

Amy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at the University of Central Oklahoma, along with her Master's degree in Science. Amy and her husband Tyler enjoy their big family of 5 with one on the way! As a functional medicine practitioner Amy loves to make a lasting impact with our clients so they can experience life to it's fullest extent. Amy firmly believes that true health isn't a "bandaid" over our symptoms, but involves a much deeper digging to arrive at the root cause and discover what our bodies are attempting to telling us. Amy's goal is for each of our clients to "live their best life". Amy understands the importance of moving from a "just surviving" mentality to "really thriving" with our health. Amy loves working on a team of like-minded practitioners who together are able to ensure a well-rounded approach to long-term health.

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