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Let's start the process of learning a little bit about each other, get the answers to all of your questions, learn how our process works, and what we do to obtain success for our clients!  
Step Two

At the end of step 1 you are given the opportunity to schedule a free call to let us learn about you and understand what might be causing all of your challenges.  In that call we will be determining if we are a good fit for each other to work together.  If so, then we will schedule your full evaluation to deep dive into what is troubling you and we'll lay out our plan to help you overcome it.  

Step Three

Start the process of healing and experience life changing results!

We only take on a select amount of new practice members per month.

If you Live Outside of our area?

We are set up to work with you remotely and it is very simple.

I have chronic pain in my back and chronic kidney disease due to the overuse of NSAIDs. The last time I went to my medical doctor he put me on my 14th prescription medication. I was a walking pharmacy. After only 3 weeks, these very knowledgeable practitioners have helped me reduce the pain in my lower back by 75%. I can now make my bed without discomfort and I'm beginning to feel alive once more.  Also, I have gone off two of my blood pressure meds with my doctor’s blessing. I have come to realize that it is important for me not to cause those around me to be responsible for my care because of circumstances that I could have controlled but chose to ignore. Ouch!! The reward is well worth the effort and the cost. The practitioners are very knowledgeable and make you feel important. I have more energy, less pain and hopefully my immune system is the best it's been in a long time so if I contract the coronavirus, I can kick its butt.
-Becky Hopper

I feel like I am able to have my life back.
I cannot say enough about this practice, only that I am blessed to be a patient under their care.


- J.J.